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Time to build your Emergency Preparedness Safety Plan!

  • Emergencies happen. We have all heard that is incredibly important to build and have your Emergency Preparedness Safety Plan ready for you and your family -and there is no better time than right now! Please, if you haven't done so - do it now. Research and reach out for expert advice and look for opportunities to learn and build best practices and be sure to share with your family, neighbors and friends encouraging them to do the same. This could be life-saving and help you get through any disaster. We sincerely hope you never need it, but it is critical to have.

  • One important first step is to be aware, informed and listen to and heed all Warning Sirens and immediately get to a safe place! There are many professional, helpful tools and resources available to us. The American Red Cross is a great resource. Our individual plans may differ, but the most critical part is having a plan. Taking care of everyone and everything that is necessary for safety, health, survival and even being able to communicate, becomes invaluable during a crisis. Every detail can make a difference.

  • Time to check your Insurance Policy/Policies -no better time than now! A good Best Practice is to check your Insurance Coverage with your Agent or Insurance Company. Be prepared with questions and any concerns you may have. Important that you have a solid understanding of your coverage - do you have any Gaps or Exposure? Know what coverage you have and ensure you are covered appropriately. After the tornado, we learned of so many neighbors who experienced issues in this area. Unfortunately, when a disaster happens is the most difficult time to learn you don't have protection. Check and Review your Homeowner, Rental and Auto Policies with a professional. Be prepared to ask questions like -if there is a Natural Disaster... what coverage do I have and what am I missing? Important to consider and ask questions to make the best decisions possible for you and your family. Know what options are available. This will help us understand what we have in place and hopefully provide a sense of Peace of Mind that we're covered.

  • A good resource is The Illinois Department of Insurance. Please check their website for more information.


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